How to watch youtube videos without ads

Time is precious, and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to waste it with the average 20 seconds ads for a single videos requested to youtube. This is unfairly exagerate nowadays, but I have a solution:

just type this in your browser:ย

It will shows all the instances, click one of these to open a new browser page. Ok, You’ve just landed to a no-ads version of youtube, enjoy.

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My name is Mario Santella and I'm an experienced developer since 2012.
I'm mainly focused on data processing and development with Python, PHP and Javascript (often in combination with MongoDB).
I can do both front-end, back-end development, data and database administration; I'm mainly working remotely from Italy.

If you need solid 360ยฐ skills in development, get in touch with me: mario[no^spam]

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